Nathalie D.

"I found this facility to have competent, knowledgeable and attentive trainers. The Ringfit classes I currently attend have certainly provided me with an added level of confidence as well as the challenge I was seeking in terms of fitness level increment."

Harley R.

"This is one of the many XFC facilities that I go to, I have trained here since I was young, and 100% definitely do not regret a day going there. I have grown so much just from this place, they helped me turn into a man! I was a little boy that was clueless and knew nothing, and grew up wanting to fight, they gave me everything I wished for. Not a doubt in my mind, they can give you any result you are looking for with the martial art and fitness industry! Without their amazing trainers and equipment I could say I wouldnt be where I am today."

Walter L.

"Would definitely recommend this place to those who are looking to elevate their mental state and physical abilities to a whole new level. Taught by great coaches with limitless knowledge and surrounded by hardworking, like-minded students, eager to better themselves day in and day out. Get in there!"

Sammy D.

"8-9 years I have been a member of this gym, my first ever martial arts gym & I'm definitely not going anywhere else anytime soon! Amazing facility, incredible & experienced coaches and a unique atmosphere that is just second to none. Would recommend this gym to anyone wanting to get fit, learn self defense, make new friends, or pursue a career in martial arts!"

Tracy M.

"Love this gym. It's a great environment for any age and level of fitness. The coaches down here are professional and very friendly. I'm so glad we are are a part of this gym my son has gained so much confidence. Highly recommend anyone to come down and give it a go!"

Rick N.

"The Coaches are very passionate and patient. We are privileged to have current Australian Champions and certainly a few future champions as our coaches. You will learn how to push yourself physically and mentally, at your own pace of course, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment after each class. It is a place where you can enjoy training to keep fit or pursue your dreams of becoming a pro fighter. To me it is absolutely therapeutic and I look forward to training with my XFC family every week."